Interim Executive Job Roles in Marketing

Internet has become an integral part of business. It has given rise to demands for people trained in digital marketing jobs. This job requires a good understanding of Internet, digital data, search engine optimisation, social media marketing, and other related technologies. interim executive jobs of digital directors are open in many large organisations.

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Job Brief 

A digital director is required to devise strategies for digital marketing projects and campaigns. The job involves coordinating team members from different departments to ensure consistency in the marketing projects. The director must have strong digital skills and knowledge. Web standards in this field keep changing regularly. The person must keep abreast with the latest developments taking place in this field. The digital strategy should be aligned with the business goals.


The digital marketing director has to implement marketing strategies. The projects must be completed within the budget. The online marketing campaigns should meet the company's objectives. The director is responsible for monitoring the progress of marketing campaigns. The project may require changes if the goals are not being met. The web fronts of the company, such as, the website, social media posts, blogs, email newsletters, and others should be planned properly. All these projects require analysis after execution to ensure the marketing goals have been met. The company depends on its marketing director to train internal teams in the use of digital technologies. The director should be able to increase the web traffic using innovative ideas. All marketing campaigns of the company should convey a consistent message to the target audience.


A person applying for the post of digital director must have experience in the field of online marketing. Experience in digital marketing tools and other web technologies are needed. There are various ways to market products and services on the Internet. The director should have experience with SEO, SEM and other marketing techniques. The person is expected to know the analytics tools that help determine the effectiveness of digital marketing projects. It means the person must have strong analytical skills. All these jobs require interacting with the teams of other departments. This can be done only by a person who has good interpersonal and communication skills. In large organisations, several marketing executives work on digital marketing projects. The director is responsible for making sure all people involved in such projects work as a unified team.

Job Title

One issue with this field is that there is no set job title for this post. The title for this post varies depending on the company. Some of the names used to describe this post are digital director, web project manager, digital project manager, data producer, web producer, digital marketing manager, digital advertising manager, and others. Most of these job titles have the same job responsibilities but at some places there may be fewer responsibilities if it is a temporary job or the candidate has to hold a lower level position in the digital marketing department.

Most businesses have experts and specialists related to their core business. Once their organisation starts growing, they feel the need for a qualified person to handle the digital marketing projects. The digital director is responsible for developing, creating and overseeing the digital marketing campaigns.